Hi, welcome to my personal page! I expect you to have at least some idea of who I am (otherwise, how did you get here in the first place?!?), but let me introduce myself anyway.

My name is Pedro Bernardinelli. I am a PhD candidate in physics & astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania (PA - USA; Aug 2016-), working on solar system astrophysics with professors Gary Bernstein and Masao Sako, as a member of the Dark Energy Survey.

I graduated from Universidade de São Paulo (SP - Brazil; Jan 2012-Dec 2015) and worked with prof. Raul Abramo in supernovae Ia cosmology during my final 3 years, taking part in the both the J-PAS and S-PLUS collaborations.

You can find me online in many places. Besides here, I also am on ORCID, on Github, on Twitter, when I remember that it exists, on Quora, writing whenever possible, and on Instagram and Facebook, but you may not want those.

My academic e-mail is pedrobe@sas.upenn.edu. If you want to contact me about something else, please e-mail me at pedro@bernardinelli.org.