Hi, welcome to my personal page! I expect you to have at least some idea of who I am (otherwise, how did you get here in the first place?!?), but let me introduce myself anyway.

My name is Pedro Bernardinelli. I am a DiRAC postdoctoral fellow at the DiRAC Institute and an eScience fellow at the eScience Institute, both at the University of Washington. My main research focus is on the discovery and characterization of outer Solar System bodies in large astronomical surveys.

I completed my PhD in physics & astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania (PA - USA; Aug 2016 - May 2021) with professors Gary Bernstein and Masao Sako, as a member of the Dark Energy Survey. My thesis focused on a search of the DES data for outer Solar System objects, and, after a challenging search requiring tens of millions of CPU-hours, we were able to retrieve over 800 TNOs from this data set, as well as a large Oort cloud comet.

I graduated from Universidade de São Paulo (SP - Brazil; Jan 2012 - Dec 2015) and worked with prof. Raul Abramo in supernovae Ia cosmology during my final 3 years, taking part in the both the J-PAS and S-PLUS collaborations.

You can find me online in many places. Besides here, I also am on ORCID, on Github and on Twitter. See more details of my research here, and my full publication list on ADS, and a list of Minor Planet Electronic Circulars here.

My academic e-mails are phbern@uw.edu and pedrobe@sas.upenn.edu. If you want to contact me about something else, please e-mail me at pedro@bernardinelli.org.